Friday, 14 January 2011

OK, so it's been a while since my last post. I didn't think anybody was reading it but now i know i am wrong :)

I had another little sexy outing with my hubbie last weekend. For Christmas he bought he very sexy little schoolgirl outfit. For any of you who haven't been to Thailand before, the school uniform here is sooooo sexy. Most Thai girls are very slim and beautiful, especially when they are teenagers. (I should add here that the school uniform is worn by girls over 16 years old and is actually more of a university uniform). I have added a photo of the real uniform that i got from Google, it's not me (Wish i looked that hot!!).

Anyway, the skirt was a little too big so we had to change it. We found the little shop he bought it from and i tried another one. I know hot turned on my hubbie gets when he sees me dressed all sexy, especially in public. So took of my underwear, put on the uniform and then walked around the little shop. The littel shop is in like a market area so everybody could see me. Without my bra you could easily see my nipples through the thin material and the skirt is so short that it just covered my butt. At one point i dropped my hair band on the floor so i had to bend over in front of my hubbie and because of where he was sitting there were three other guys standing behind him that must have seen my ass, and maybe more :) When i stood back up my nipples were so hard and his smile was almost as big as the bulge in his pants.

So once i had finished flashing him i got out of the uniform and we went off shopping again. I was wearing a short little summer dress and as my pussy was soaking wet now, i decided not to put my panties back on. We went off to try on some shoes and each time i sat down i made sure i flashed him my pussy. He could see my pussy juices making the skin wet and moist between my legs, i was dripping wet, it was such a turn to know that anybody could see me being such a slut.

We were both so hot that we decided we should go home to fuck. To get home we had to take the BTS train. this is always very busy in Bangkok so we were cramped in the train. As we were standing so close to each other i started to rub his cock through his shorts. He was so hard i though the would rip his shorts right open! Then he slid his hand up my skirt and immediately started to rub my soaking clit. There were people all around us but nobody knew what was going on. It was such a rush! I almost came on the train because i was sooo horny. When the train go to the station he stopped playing with me and sucked his fingers clean. i could smell my pussy on his fingers and so i kissed him because i love the taste of pussy, it was amazing!

When we got off the train we have to get a motorbike taxi to our house. Most girls will sit like side-saddle on a motorbike taxi, especially when they are wearing short skirts. I didn't! I sat on the bike normal and i could feel my pussy open on the hot leather seat. It was such a turn on and the vibration of the engine on my pussy made me come. I had an orgasm on the back of a motorbike! It was unreal (since doing that i have made my hubbie take me out three times on his bike with me wearing a short dress and no knickers, i have orgasmed each time! Try it!).
When i got off the motorbike their was a sticky snail-trail i left on the seat. I didn't bother wiping it off, i thought the taxi rider might like it :)

When we got home my hubbie ripped off my dress in the lounge and we fucked on the sofa. It really didn't take long for him to come, especially when i told him about me coming on the seat of the motorbike, but he filled me with cum. After i licked him clean we showered and fucked again. It was an awesome day and i can't wait to do it again. Obviously i'll tell you all about it when it happens!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day 2010

Well hello and thanks for reading my sexy little blog. I love to be naughty and when me and husband go out we always end up being very rude. I love to tease and watch guys looking at me, it gets me really wet. I hope you like my little online diary. Everything in here is true, real and if you have any questions, please send me a message.

My first entry is going to be about last night. Me and husband went to a few bars to wish some friends happy Christmas. We went to a few bars and had way too much to drink, but it was a good time and got hotter and hotter as the night went on.

We ended up in a small bar down a back street in Bangkok. My husband knows the owner so we went there. There are a few hot girls that work there, one in particular has a great body and always wears really short skirts. When she played pool and she bent over, you could see, well almost everything. I'm not sure if she was wearing panties, if she was they must have been a very tiny g-string... It got me really hot. When she bent over the table, i really wanted to get on my knees behind her and lick her clitoris and suck her pussy. I would have loved it with all the guys in the bar watching me fuck this little hot bar slut, knowing they would all have really hard cocks and wanting to fuck us both on the pool table......

I was wearing a really hot dress that my husbands loves. Its actually a skirt but if i pull it up over my tits it just about covers my ass. It's also a little bit see-through so i know all the guys can see my ass. I don't really wear any underwear when i go out to the bars with my man, he loves to be able to play with me. But as we had gone out to see some of his friends i was wearing a pair of tiny black panties. When we were walking between bars, the breeze kept blowing my dress up and everybody could see my knickers. It got me very hot and my pussy got really wet. When we were in the last bar my panties were soaking. I had to take them off so i was only wearing this tiny dress and when i sat on the bar stool i could my wet juices sticking to the seat.

My hubbie was talking to his friends about football and i was getting a bit bored so i whispered in his ear that i wasn't wearing any knickers. He soon stopped talking to them and came to sit with me. He ran his hands up my skirt and started to play with my wet pussy. He has slowly rubbing and flicking my clitoris. It was so hot. I am sure the guys and girls all knew what was going on, they could see it on my face. At one point, my hubbie put his beer bottle inside me. I really love that, it's so cold on my hot pussy. When he took it out, i grabbed the bottle and licked my juices off it. I could see his hard cock in his jeans, i really wanted him. While he was rubbing my clit and fingering me he asked me if i wanted all the guys in the bar to take turns fucking me on the pool table. When i closed my eyes and imagined it i had an orgasm! It really is my fantasy to have a cock in my pussy, one in my ass and one in my mouth while i wank a cock with each hand.... I am sure it will come true one day!

Anyway, we were so hot that we had to leave the bar to go home. We needed each other so bad. When we were in the taxi i sat on my hubbies lap. He had undone his jeans and got his cock out. it went in side me so easily. I was so wet. The driver just thought i was sitting on my man's lap, little did he know. We fucked on the back seat on the taxi (no the first time we've done this and if you've never done it i recommend it!) As we both got even hotter he pulled my dress down and started to play with my tits, squeezing my nipples. If the taxi driver had turned around he would have seen everything!

We fucked like this until we got home. As we were getting close to arriving my hubbie came inside so hard i almost had another orgasm! When we got out of the cab we ran upstairs and i had to have him again. I sucked his cock until he got hard again and then i rode him like the good slut wife i am. We also got my new vibrator out and he gave my pussy a good seeing too until i had another orgasm. In the end we were so exhausted we just fell asleep. I woke up very early to go to work and sucked my hubbie while he as still asleep. He didn't even wake up. He doesn't know i did that yet but he is a very lucky boy!!

I have lots of other stories to tell you about. I hope you all like them. I will be posting photo's on here regularly so please check back and if you have any questions please leave me a comment. I will try to get back to all of you.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas ;)